The change of trisodium phosphate(TSP) in temperature and humidity

The change of trisodium phosphate(TSP) in temperature and humidity! Zhengzhou Yucai Chemical provides you with higher quality phosphate!

Introduction of trisodium phosphate

Trisodium phosphate(TSP) is a medium soluble salt, which has a strong adsorption for water. The degree of water absorption depends not only on the chemical composition of the crystal, but also on the relative humidity of the air.

trisodium phosphate(TSP)

If the relative humidity of the air is large, and the partial pressure of water vapor in the air is greater than the vapor pressure above the saturated aqueous solution of pure substance at this temperature, the crystal will absorb water from the environment. On the contrary, the crystal will lose water. After 105 days, the water content and crushing pressure of the plastic bags containing crystals will become paste like wet body.

Water absorption and solubility of crystal relate to temperature. If the vapor content in the air is kept constant, and the temperature is increased, the vapor pressure on the saturated solution of it will reduce. Then the absorption rate of crystal to water will accelerate, the solubility will increase, and the liquid film will thick.

When the temperature drops, the number of small grains precipitated by crystallization increases correspondingly, resulting in the increase of contacts. For example, when the temperature of 50 kg TSP with water content of 2% is reduced from 40 ℃ to 10 ℃, 0.139 kg of salt can be precipitated out. The precipitated salt, even when the particle size is quite large (if the particle size is up to 3 mm), can also form 560000 small crystals, obviously so many particles, whose shape, thickness, etc. are the inducements of agglomeration. We put the same pressure on the TSP crystal with the same water content at different temperatures and in the same time. But the caking rate and crushing pressure are different.

According to the above experimental data, with the increase of temperature, the caking rate and strength of TSP will increase. The more water content, the more serious the caking, and the stronger the caking.

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