The Amount of Sodium Hexametaphosphate Used As Coating Dispersant?

Sodium hexametaphosphate is a dispersant, pigment dispersant and surfactant commonly used in polyphosphate. It is used to help promote the wetting of pigments and fillers. Even if dispersion wetting is good sometimes, in order to ensure uniform dispersion, dispersants are often used. Because they are adsorbed on the surface of pigment and filler particles. The electrical repulsion effect and steric hindrance effect can prevent re-agglomeration.

Sodium Hexametahposphat SHMP
Sodium Hexametahposphat SHMP

Rena will tell you what factors are closely related to the dosage of sodium hexametaphosphate as coating dispersant:

1. Related to the end use of the paint. For the sake of cost, the amount of dispersant used in architectural coatings is usually low, while the amount of dispersant used in automotive coatings is high to obtain better performance.
2.Related to the type and chemical properties of the base material. The wetting and dispersing effects of resins in coatings are different, which will affect the amount of wetting and dispersing agents used.
3.Related to the chemical properties of wetting dispersants. Due to the relative molecular weight and chemical structure, the amount of low molecular weight additives is lower than that of high molecular weight additives.
4.Related to pigment particle size. Transparent titanium dioxide needs about 5~8 times more dispersant than ordinary titanium dioxide.

Therefore, mastering the above factors, sodium hexametaphosphate, can reduce the dispersion size of protective glue particles in water and reduce the interaction between particles. It can obviously reduce viscosity, improve its fluidity and improve the performance of coatings.

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