What is The Most Needed High temperature Resistant Antioxidant in Metallurgical Production?

We all know that graphite electrode is one of the main consumable materials in metallurgical production. It has good high temperature performance. But a prominent feature of graphite electrode is easy oxidation at high temperature. Oxidation begins at 450℃, increases sharply after exceeding 750℃, and intensifies with the increase of temperature. Which leads to the rapid deterioration of many physical and mechanical properties of graphite materials. Thus limiting its application in high temperature oxidation atmosphere.

Graphite Electrode
Graphite Electrode

At the same time, there are also open holes and closed holes in the electrode. The porosity of graphite electrode is generally 25%-30%. These holes and holes increase the oxidation contact area and become oxidation channels for oxygen diffusion into the electrode. Thus accelerating the oxidation rate of graphite electrode. The high temperature in metallurgical process further accelerates the oxidation of graphite electrode.

In the process, aluminum dihydrogen phosphate can be used as the most important high-temperature antioxidant, and the most important use of aluminum dihydrogen phosphate is to make high-temperature adhesive, while aluminum dihydrogen phosphate can be used as adhesive to keep the adhesion firm even at high temperature. Adding it into the immersion liquid can improve the adhesion of the coating, which is better than only using water as adhesive, and has good antioxidant effect.

Aluminum Dihydrogen Phosphate shipped to Keelung

Because the binder is mainly water and aluminum dihydrogen phosphate, its anti-oxidation mechanism is mainly due to the melting of boron oxide at 450℃ to form graphite carbon block wrapped by liquid, which forms a dense protective film of glass layer, thus preventing oxygen from entering and playing an anti-oxidation role. Therefore, aluminum dihydrogen phosphate is a very good antioxidant product.

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