Application of aluminum dihydrogen phosphate in castable

Castable, also known as refractory castable.The manufacturer adds a certain amount of binder to the refractory material to make granular and powdery materials. It has high fluidity, and monolithic refractories require it.


Compared with other unshaped refractories, the binder and moisture content are higher, and the fluidity is better. Therefore, the castable has a wider range of applications. You can choose materials and adhesives according to the conditions of use.You can pour it directly into the lining body, or use it as a prefabricated block by casting or tapping.

Mainly used to construct various heating furnace linings and other integral structures. At present, in heating furnaces, many industries use ordinary monolithic refractories, and fiber development requires lightweight monolithic refractories. The application of monolithic refractories is also developing further.

MAPS is an additive often used in the production of castables.

Clear and Thorough

Aluminum dihydrogen phosphate is an additive often used in the production of castables. Aluminum dihydrogen phosphate has a normal setting and hardening speed at room temperature. It should have a fairly high strength after hardening. The condensation and hardening of aluminum dihydrogen phosphate, except for some chemical reactions with refractory materials to generate new products, is mainly due to polymerization to form macromolecules and aggregates and strong adhesion to the bonded object. result. Moreover, aluminum dihydrogen phosphate also has high temperature resistance.

Usually the composition of the castable requires aggregate, fine powder, binder. The user must be sure when choosing Pay attention to the product quality of aluminum dihydrogen phosphate. Poor quality products will directly affect the use of the terminal and cause great losses.

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