What are The Dissolution Conditions of Sodium Tripolyphosphate?

What are the dissolution conditions of sodium tripolyphosphate in Zhengzhou Yucai Chemical Industry? It probably needs to meet three requirements.

sodium tripolyphosphate Dispersants, gel breakers and water reducing agents
sodium tripolyphosphate
  1. Try to gradually heat the sodium tripolyphosphate solution. With the increase of temperature, sodium tripolyphosphate will have stronger solubility. Generally, with the increase of the temperature of the dissolution environment, the insoluble sodium tripolyphosphate will gradually dissolve in water and become clear.
  2. add the stirring step. Industrial grade sodium tripolyphosphate is usually a mixture of type I and type II. Among them, type I dissolves rapidly in the process of heat of dissolution, which makes it easy to produce small pieces. It is more convenient to dissolve when adding with stirring, and it can also solve the problem of turbid solution.
  3. If heating and stirring still do not meet the requirements. It is necessary to consider the purity and quality of raw materials. Industrial sodium tripolyphosphate is widely used and relatively valuable. Some unscrupulous businessmen can easily add low-value products such as sodium sulfate and sodium carbonate, or directly add other impurities, which make them unable to dissolve normally. Some manufacturers only guarantee the main contents in the production process, while other indicators can easily cause this result.

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