Application of MAPS in high temperature resistant cement

One of the most common ways to strengthen concrete is to add MAPS, steel mesh, steel plates or fibers to the concrete. The two work together to improve the mechanical properties of insufficient tensile strength of concrete. Generally, steel bars bear the tensile force and concrete bears the compressive stress.

Three packaging methods of MAPS
Three packaging methods of MAPS

One of the main problems faced by super high-rise buildings is: when reinforced concrete buildings encounter a fire.

1 .The steel bar becomes soft when heated. 2.The gravity of the building is larger.

This will lead to a reduction in the scaling performance of the entire reinforced concrete, so the high temperature resistance of the cement needs to be highlighted.

High temperature resistant cement has developed rapidly, and its varieties have been increasing. It can be combined with refractory aggregates to make high temperature resistant concrete. y country has successfully developed concrete with aluminate cement, phosphate, water glass, magnesia cement, and marble refractory cement as the cementing agent.

High temperature cement
High temperature cement

The most widely used kilns and thermal equipment are the following

High temperature resistant concrete uses the following types of binders: 1. Cement (hydration) binders: Portland cement, fast hardening Portland cement, high alumina cement, etc. 2. Air hardening binder: water glass, periclase cement. 3. Chemical binder: sodium silicate, phosphate, etc.

The aluminate cement is at 900°C and has 70% of the original hardness. Keep 53% hardness at 1300℃. Portland cement has a low temperature of high temperature resistant concrete, which can reach 1400-1500℃. Phosphate cement is currently the most used orthophosphoric acid and aluminum dihydrogen phosphate. The refractory materials and aggregates used in phosphate refractory concrete generally include corundum, mullite, siliceous clinker, zircon and so on. It is characterized by good thermal stability, high and stable compressive strength, high load softening temperature, good impact resistance and low cost.

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