Sodium tripolyphosphate has a big effect at home

Sodium tripolyphosphate has the functions of chelating, suspending, dispersing, peptizing, emulsifying, pH buffering, etc. It can be used as the main auxiliary agent of synthetic detergent, industrial water softener, leather pretanning agent, dyeing auxiliary agent, organic synthesis catalyst , Pharmaceutical industry dispersant and food additives, etc.


In water treatment, it is mainly used as a water softener. Sodium tripolyphosphate has the performance of an ion exchanger. It can form Soluble Complex Na3mp3o10(M is metal ion) with calcium, magnesium and iron ions in water. Therefore, it can shield calcium, magnesium hard salt, to prevent calcium, magnesium deposition.

The main characteristic of this substance is its ability to emulsify and decompose fat, which makes it widely used in the production of household chemicals. Sodium tripolyphosphate is used as an additive to wash various types of fabrics in water at any temperature. When treating water used as an energy carrier in a heating system for washing various fabrics in the home and laundry, it can prevent dirt from re-depositing on the fabrics. The powder is suitable for cleaning glass and bathtubs, heavily polluted and greasy tableware, cleaning bathtubs, sinks and toilets. It can reduce the hardness of water, thereby improving the decontamination effect of the powder. It has excellent performance when cleaning heavily soiled and greasy tableware, glass, and cleaning sinks, bathtubs, and toilets.

In order to wash very dirty laundry, it is recommended to pre-soak it in a warm sodium tripolyphosphate solution (at the ratio of half a cup of medicine to a bucket of water). Follow with regular washing and boil with detergent if necessary. The washing process ends with a thorough rinsing of the laundry in clean water.


Instructions for use.

Before washing, pre-soak the clothes in a warm sodium tripolyphosphate solution (1/2 cup of water per bucket). It is recommended to put very dirty clothes in the designated solution for 2-3 hours, then wash, and boil with detergent if necessary. After washing, clothes should be rinsed thoroughly with clean water.

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