Sodium tripolyphosphate is so expensive, why should ceramic industry favor it?

It is an important step to add sodium tripolyphosphate as dispersant in the process of ceramic preparation. The dispersant plays several roles of wetting, grinding aid, dilution and stabilization in the process of ceramic slurry preparation, which plays an important role in improving the performance of ceramic products and reducing the manufacturing cost.

Dilution requires both high solid content and good fluidity in ceramic slurry. Adding a certain amount of sodium tripolyphosphate as dispersant can reduce the viscosity of slurry. Adding it can play a role in dilution. And at the same time, it can appropriately reduce the consumption of medium. It is beneficial to reduce the energy consumption in the subsequent treatment process.

The addition of sodium tripolyphosphate as dispersant can firmly adsorb on the cracks of particles and go deep into the cracks. The new interface formed in the process of particle crushing quickly wrap, which hinders the recombination of the new interface and accelerates the crushing process. Obviously shortens the crushing time, saves energy consumption and improves the grinding efficiency.

Sodium tripolyphosphate

In the absence of dispersant, the particles in water are mainly affected by the following four forces. The interfacial tension between Bohai particles and water and the interaction force between particles are reactivated. They leads to the easy settlement of particles and the deterioration of slurry stability. However, it use as dispersant to adsorb on the surface of particles. And the original particle surface is partially or completely covered by dispersant, which hinders the aggregation of particles and improves the suspension and stability of slurry.

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