Various Uses of Sodium Dihydrogen Phosphate

The existence of any product has its unique uses, and sodium dihydrogen phosphate is no exception.

Use in medicine

Sodium Dihydrogen Phosphate Use in medicine

(1) For the prevention and treatment of hypophosphatemia. It can also be used as phosphorus additive for total parenteral nutrition therapy to prevent hypophosphatemia.

(2) Adjuvant drugs for urinary tract infection. The drug can acidify the urine, enhance the antibacterial activity of urotropine amygdala and Urotropine hippurate, and eliminate the odor and turbidity of ammonia containing urine in urinary tract infection.

(3) For the prevention of calcium kidney stones. This medicine can acidify urine, add the solubility of calcium, block the accumulation of calcium in urine. And then prevent the recurrence of calcium containing kidney stones.

Use in industrial

Sodium Dihydrogen Phosphate Use in industrial

(1) used for boiler water treatment and electroplating. It is a raw material for producing sodium hexametaphosphate and condensed phosphates.

(2) used in the manufacture of detergents, metal cleaners, dye auxiliaries, etc.

(3) used as analytical reagent, acidity buffer and water softener. As an additive in feed, it is a good buffer, and can be used as PH regulator in cosmetic formula.


Sodium Dihydrogen Phosphate NaH4P2O4·2H2O in boiler water treatment

In the field of water treatment, it is used as a treating agent for boiler water, especially in high-pressure boiler system. In order to maintain a proper high alkalinity in the boiler without generating more OH-, phosphates are used, mainly sodium dihydrogen phosphate and disodium hydrogen phosphate. In order to control the pH of boiler water in the best range, disodium hydrogen phosphate usually use in combination with trisodium phosphate or sodium dihydrogen phosphate. At the same time, add a proper amount of dispersant to control possible deposits. In addition, the supplementary water of the boiler should ensure high purity and sufficient water.

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