Sodium hexametaphosphate shipped to Nigeria

There are many manufacturers of paints and coatings in Nigeria, and sodium hexametaphosphate dispersant plays a very important role in the production. My brother and I have been working together for many years, and have always had a high evaluation of the use effect.

Sodium hexametaphosphate used paint,Yucai phosphate Chemical.
Sodium hexametaphosphate shpping

First, inquiry to order
The first time I met my brother was introduced through an intermediary. We have known each other for some time, and I think my brother is a very serious and serious person, and basically he doesn’t say much about things other than products, which gives me the impression that he is always very busy and hardworking. After three months of effective communication, the purchase order was finally settled. With my professional product knowledge and rich experience, I helped my brother solve all his questions. Because of the time difference, I often insisted on chatting with him until midnight, sometimes just for one problem. I think it was my professional knowledge and persistence that impressed him. He trusted me very much, and instead of sending samples, he directly purchased the 2*20fcl order for Sodium hexametaphosphate.

sodium hexametaphosphate
sodium hexametaphosphate

Second, delivery
According to the requirements of the contract, sodium hexametaphosphate can finally be transported, and it takes a really long time to send it to Africa, which may take 100 days. However, this list is T/T, and it was delivered only after receiving the full payment. I really can’t imagine my brother’s feelings during this period of time. I am still very grateful to my brother for his trust here. During this period, I have been chatting with my brother. I feel that he may not have any ideas. I always feel that I want to give him a sense of security. During this period, I also invited him to travel to China. He also likes China very much, but he is busy. This matter has been delayed. At this time, sodium hexametaphosphate is still floating at sea. This time, it may not only represent goods, but trust.

Third, confirm receipt
After a long time, sodium hexametaphosphate finally arrived at TINCAN port. According to the inquiry records, I explained to him three days in advance, which was very smooth, and all the goods were received without any damage. About 10 days, my brother told me that the use of sodium hexametaphosphate was very effective, and he expressed great satisfaction. I think this is a wonderful process.

Sodium hexametaphosphate used paint.Yucai Phosphate Chemical
Sodium hexametaphosphate shpping

Time flies. Unconsciously, we have been working together for the fourth year. I have been waiting for him to come to China. Unfortunately, this year’s epidemic has interrupted this idea. Therefore, I sent him a mask, hoping to help him.

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