Sodium Pyrophosphate in Toothpaste

By using the chelating and washing aid of sodium pyrophosphate. Not only can make the dense and compact stains and stones deposited on the surface of teeth loose and remove them, but also can prevent the deposition of dental stones.

  1. Fluoride-containing teeth have two sides, on the one hand, they can effectively prevent dental caries; On the other hand, high-dose fluoride intake will lead to dental fluorosis.
  2. Chinese herbal toothpaste is based on common teeth, adding medicines with anti-inflammatory and hemostatic effects, such as Zanthoxylum nitidum, Panax notoginseng and Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi. It cannot be over-relied, because oral gingival bleeding is a symptom of some diseases.
  3. Toothpaste in many medicines contains alkaloids and strong irritant substances. Long-term use will not only damage oral mucosa and cause inflammation, but also some medicines have strong bitter and spicy taste. It is easy to cause gastrointestinal discomfort.
  4. Some anti-allergic toothpastes can relieve dentine hypersensitivity to some extent. But if the allergy is caused by tooth nerve injury, the tooth has little effect. So it is necessary to go to the hospital for professional root canal treatment.
  5. Whitening toothpaste can whiten teeth because it is added with a special friction agent. It is only useful for stains and plaques caused by food residues, smoke stains and tea stains. But has no effect on deeply colored teeth such as tetracycline teeth and dental fluorosis.

The most important point in toothpaste is that as an anti-hydrolysis agent of calcium hydrophosphate dihydrate. It forms colloid with calcium hydrophosphate dihydrate through the chelation of sodium pyrophosphate, which makes it stable. Therefore, sodium pyrophosphate is a very good toothpaste additive.

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