Effect of Trisodium Phosphate on Washing Industry

There are a lot of clothes in the home that people don’t want to wash, because they are too heavy to wash. Especially some coats and quilts are not easy to wash. Now, with the development of modern science and technology, trisodium phosphate(TSPP) manufacturers also apply trisodium phosphate in many industries, especially in the washing industry. And it is very useful for washing, so what effect does it have on washing? Today, trisodium phosphate manufacturers will show you the role of TSPP in washing industry.

Trisodium Phosphate on Washing Industry
Trisodium Phosphate on Washing Industry

We all know that heavy metal ions in water are difficult to remove. When used in the washing process, they combine with detergent molecules to form insoluble metal salts. It will reduce the washing ability or even completely lose its function. Therefore, it is necessary to add substances that can make the heavy metal ions contained in the washing water harmless to the detergent. Trisodium phosphate has this kind of good performance, it has a strong transformation effect on heavy metal ions. And it can seal them up and eliminate their adverse effects on washing. In addition, it can also capture various metal components contained in the dirt. And play a role in dissociating the dirt in the washing process.

Trisodium Phosphate on Washing Industry

Trisodium phosphate can swell and solubilize the protein in dirt, so it can play the role of gel removal; Promote emulsification of fat; It can disperse solid dirt. Moreover, TSPP can prevent the detergent from caking, because it can keep the detergent dry and granular, and can prevent caking due to water absorption. In addition, trisodium phosphate also has alkaline buffering effect, which is beneficial to the removal of acid dirty.

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