Difference Between Solid and Liquid Aluminum Dihydrogen Phosphate

Alias name: mono aluminum phosphate

Usage: It is mainly used in electrical industry, high temperature kiln, heat treatment resistance furnace, ceramic building, electrical insulation, etc. It is usually used as binder for refractory materials of high temperature kiln.

Difference Between Solid and Liquid Aluminum Dihydrogen Phosphate

Solid aluminum dihydrogen phosphate

Used for refractory paint spraying, fire mud, castable, ramming material and phosphate brick.

Characteristics of solid aluminum dihydrogen phosphate: after being mixed with refractory aggregate and hardener at normal temperature, it is heated at 90-110 °C for 4-24 hours to form high bonding strength. After being dried at 350-500°C, it has high flexural strength, compressive strength and hydration resistance, and does not soften even when soaked or boiled in water.

Liquid aluminum dihydrogen phosphate

Characteristics of liquid aluminum dihydrogen phosphate: easy mixing and molding, especially suitable for on-site construction;

The refractory paint spraying, fire mud, castable and binder used in foundry industry are mainly used in the production of corundum and chrome corundum nozzles in refractory industry and chrome-aluminum-zirconium corundum bricks for coal water slurry gasifier.

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