The effect of aluminum dihydrogen phosphate on graphite electrodes

Aluminum dihydrogen phosphate is a new type of inorganic synthetic material, which contains solid and liquid states. The solid is a white powder.The liquid is a colorless and odorless viscous liquid, which is easily soluble in water. It has a very wide range of uses in reality. It not only has the advantages of high temperature resistance, peeling resistance, vibration resistance, etc., but also good UV absorption and good insulation properties.

Aluminum dihydrogen phosphate

The preparation methods of anti-oxidation graphite materials are as follows:

1. Impregnation method.Use organic or inorganic salts or phosphorus and boron oxide particles to fill the openings of the covering material.

2. Coating method. Coating an oxide ceramic layer on the surface of the material by CVD, PVD, paint baking method, and spraying method to prevent the oxidation loss of carbon materials;

3. Ceramic ion dispersion composite method. Carbon/ceramic composites prepared by adding ceramic powders such as SiC, B4C, ZrC, etc. to the carbonaceous base material can improve the oxidation resistance of the carbon-based composites.

The aluminum dihydrogen phosphate developed by our company is mainly used in the impregnation method. It can protect the graphite electrode under the conditions of high temperature and high oxygen partial pressure and slow down the oxidation rate, so it can prolong the service life of graphite electrode.

Graphite Electrodes

The aluminum dihydrogen phosphate is liquid, colorless, tasteless and non-toxic. According to the customer’s working conditions and environmental conditions, the graphite electrode can be treated with anti-oxidation by high-temperature brushing. Form a protective layer that is both conductive and resistant to high temperature oxidation. Reducing electrode consumption (19%-50%) during steelmaking, and prolonging the service life of the electrode (22%-60%). The operation is simple and easy to use.

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