Does Your Boiler use Soft Water of Sodium Hexametaphosphate?

Scale is called the “harmful source” of all types of boilers. The use of soft water can prevent the boiler from producing scale and reduce the corrosion of metal on the heating surface; Reduce equipment failure rate and prolong service life. Therefore, the boiler equipment needs to use softener to soften water. Nowadays, sodium hexametaphosphate is widely used as water softener in boilers. What is used to soften water in your boiler?

Before talking about the water softener sodium hexametaphosphate, Rena will tell you what harm scale does to boilers.

soft water scale
  1. Heating Pipe was Burnt Due to Overheating

The thermal conductivity of scale is poor. And too much scale in the heating pipe will cause the internal temperature of the heating pipe to be unable to diffuse. Resulting in cracking of the outer pipe of the heating pipe.

2. Large Waste of Energy

When the boiler is covered with scale, the thermal conductivity of the heating pipe decreases, which prolongs the heating time and leads to an increase in the power consumption of the equipment. The higher the boiler working pressure, the lower the thermal conductivity of scale. The higher the scale thickness, and the greater the waste of electricity.

3. Reduce the Steam Pressure

When there is scale on the inner wall or heating pipe of the boiler, the heat will not be transferred to the boiler water quickly, which will reduce the steam pressure of the boiler. So that the output pressure of the equipment can not meet the use requirements.

4. Increase Maintenance Costs

It is very difficult to remove the scale on the inner wall of boiler or heating pipe. Especially, the heating pipe or furnace body is broken and corroded due to scale. It not only damages the equipment, but also costs a lot of manpower and material resources to overhaul. It leads to an increase in overhaul cost.

5. Reduce Boiler Service Life

After serious scaling, the boiler needs to be cleaned with chemicals. Too many cleaning times will cause damage to the boiler, shorten its service life and increase potential safety hazards.

To sum up, the boiler should use softened water according to the equipment requirements. It is not only to increase the benefits, but also one of the necessary conditions to ensure the stable operation of the equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to use water softener.

sodium hexametaphosphate
sodium hexametaphosphate

Sodium hexametaphosphate is a widely used water-softening agent in phosphate products. It is easily soluble in water, and the aqueous solution is alkaline. The PH of 1% aqueous solution is 9.7, which is gradually hydrolyzed into phosphite in water. It has good ability to complex metal ions, and can complex with calcium, magnesium, iron and other metal ions to form soluble complexes.

The sodium hexametaphosphate produced by Yucai Chemical Industry is produced by genuine phosphoric acid with less impurities and more stable quality. It can better complex metal ions in water, achieve the function of softening water, effectively inhibit the crystallization of calcium carbonate, reduce the formation of scale in boiler and increase the effective utilization of heat energy.