The Paper Industry Can Also Use Industrial Sodium Hexametaphosphate As Dispersant

Due to the increasing demand for paper products caused by the shopping tide in the paper industry, all kinds of paper also have a small peak, including corrugated paper, white board paper, household paper, newsprint paper and coated paper, which have increased every ton. Therefore, in the paper making process, in order to make the paper achieve uniform performance and ideal strength. Dispersants will be used, and industrial sodium hexametaphosphate is one of inorganic salt dispersants.

Sodium Hexametaphosphate

According to “China Paper Industry Development Prospects and Investment Planning Analysis Report” analysis. The market size of the paper industry is close to one trillion yuan, and the downstream consumption is increasing steadily.

At present, with the upgrading of environmental protection, many small paper factories have backward production lines and weak sewage discharge capacity. Under the background of higher environmental protection requirements, paper factories that fail to meet the standards have been eliminated one after another, which also affects the supply of paper. Paper industry is still the basic raw material industry in the national economic status. So the first thing is whether the quality of paper can meet the use requirements.

As we all know, fibers, fillers and auxiliary agents are all insoluble in water. Adding industrial sodium hexametaphosphate into slurry is due to the adsorption of hydrolyzed anions on the surface of particles. To improve the dispersion effect, the hydrolysis degree of dispersant can be selectively improved. I believe we all know that the role of dispersant is to enlarge the distance between large particles to be dispersed in solution and to reduce the viscosity of the whole solution. However, the amount of industrial sodium hexametaphosphate dispersed by different substances is also different.

sodium hexametaphosphate
sodium hexametaphosphate

Industrial sodium hexametaphosphate can be interconnected and polymerized into a spiral long chain, which can be adsorbed on the surface of particles to enhance the hydrophilicity of particles. And the negative potential on the particle surface is obviously improved. So that the electric double layer is more stable and the dispersion effect is better.

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