The Food Processing Industry is Wonderful with Sodium Hexametaphosphate

With more and more food varieties coming into people’s eyes, it opens the door for the consumption market of food processing. Processed foods are expensive and have broad market prospects, so food additives should be born. Nowadays, the main functions of sodium hexametaphosphate in food processing are to improve the color, smell and taste of food, adjust the nutritional composition of food and prolong the shelf life of food.

1. Used in Meat processing

In the processing process of meat products, sodium hexametaphosphate can chelate metal ions, reduce the binding of metal ions with water, make the protein binding more water and improve the water retention, prolong the shelf life. For example, when processing fish sausage and ham, adding sodium hexametaphosphate can promote food softening and improve food quality. Maintain the flavor of food, while maintaining the nutritional components and tenderness of meat.

2. Used in Soy Sauce processing

It can prevent discoloration, increase viscosity, shorten fermentation period and regulate mouth and stomach.

3. Used in Beverage, Ice Cream processing

Adding food-grade sodium hexametaphosphate in beverage production can improve juice yield, viscosity and vitamin C differentiation. In ice cream, it can improve swelling capacity, increase volume, strengthen emulsification. And dip dyeing to prevent paste crushing, and improve taste and brilliance.

There are many disputes about sodium hexametaphosphate in the food processing industry. In fact, according to the Food Hygiene Law of the People’s Republic of China and the Hygienic Management Measures for Food Additives, the national standards for heavy metal content in food are strictly controlled. Moreover, the content within the national standard is harmless to human body. The application prospect of sodium hexametaphosphate in food processing industry is very broad, which bound to push the food processing industry to a new height.