Aluminum Dihydrogen Phosphate is the Best Binder for Casting Steel Slide Plate

At present, most steel plants will use sliding nozzle to cast steel, because the temperature of molten steel is high, the pouring time is long, the number of switches is more, the shrinkage flow and stamping are frequent. The working conditions of the slide plate are bad, and the quality requirements are strict. If the quality of the slide plate is not good, the thermal shock stability is poor, and the erosion resistance ability is low. In the pouring process, the sliding plate is often too large due to the erosion of molten steel through the steel hole or the sliding plate is cracked, resulting in loose closing and steel piercing accidents.

Slide Gate-Aluminum dihydrogen phosphate

Sodium Silicate

Therefore, in the production of sliding gate, the quality requirements of raw materials and binders are particularly high. Through experiments, we first select sodium silicate, phenolic resin and aluminum dihydrogen phosphate as the bonding agent of products. The products with sodium silicate as the binder have poor high humidity performance and serious erosion after pouring steel.

Phenolic Resin

However, the products with phenolic resin as binder have better high temperature performance but room temperature performance. It can be brittle, the particles are easy to fall off when grinding brick, and produce pockmarks, thus affecting the use. In addition, in the process of brick making and pouring, the phenol in the resin and the amine in hexamethylenetetramine all escape, which causes bad smell and pollutes the environment. Moreover, the price of phenolic resin is also high, which increases the cost of products.

Aluminum Dihydrogen Phosphate

After comparison, aluminum dihydrogen phosphate was selected as the binder. The brick made of aluminum dihydrogen phosphate binder overcomes the disadvantages of the brick bonded with phenolic resin. And the performance of the brick with phenolic resin at room temperature,which high temperature is better than that with phenolic resin.

aluminum dihydrogen phosphate

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