Effect of MAPS on the Performance of High Aluminum Slurry

As an important bonding agent for masonry refractory bricks, high-alumina slurry, its flexural bonding strength and load softening temperature play a very key role. The addition of aluminum dihydrogen phosphate can make the high-alumina slurry more non-layered.

There are two types of aluminum dihydrogen phosphate: solid and liquid: solid is a white powdery substance. Because of its strong hygroscopicity, it is easy to be damp and agglomerated. It needs to seale and store under harsh storage conditions; liquid is colorless and transparent. A viscous aqueous solution with high solubility and convenient storage and use.

Clear and bright aluminum dihydrogen phosphate solution

The liquid aluminum dihydrogen phosphate produced by our company has three kinds of packaging: 30 kg per barrel, 300 kg plastic barrel, IBC container 1.5T per barrel. Do our best to meet the various needs of customers.

Three kinds of packaging

Advantages of MAPS

In the high-aluminum refractory mud, aluminum dihydrogen phosphate is used as a binding substance and its inherent characteristics. After adding the mud as a binder, the mud will always remain uniform and stable without delamination. It has good construction performance . At the same time, it can significantly improve the flexural bonding strength of the mud, the joints are tight, the masonry integrity is good, the air erosion resistance, and the corrosion resistance are strong;

High Aluminum Slurry

There is no doubt that aluminum dihydrogen phosphate cements and enhances adhesion through polycondensation polymerization. But the more liquid added is not the better. When the added amount is 10%, the strength value reaches the porosity increase. But due to the formation of active Al203, it promotes the high-temperature sintering of the high-alumina slurry.

Aluminum dihydrogen phosphate can improve the flexural bonding strength of high-alumina slurry. With the increase in the amount of addition, the room temperature flexural bonding strength gradually increases. The trend gradually slows down after reaching a certain amount; Athe flexural bonding strength after burning , From small to large and then to small. That is to say, when the addition amount of it solution is 10%, the overall performance of the mud is optimal.

In short, in order to improve the performance of high alumina slurry, the high alumina slurry added with diradon aluminum phosphate is called high alumina phosphate slurry, which can not only improve the bonding strength, but also stabilize the uniformity of the slurry.

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