Effect of Mono Aluminum Phosphate on Properties of High Alumina Slurry

As an important binder for building refractory bricks, high alumina slurry plays a key role in its flexural bonding strength and softening temperature under load. However, adding mono aluminum phosphate can make the high alumina slurry not delaminate.

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It has two kinds of solid and liquid: solid mono aluminum phosphate is a white powder material, which needs to be sealed and stored under harsh conditions because of its strong hygroscopicity and easy to be caked by moisture. Liquid mono aluminum phosphate is a colorless and transparent viscous aqueous solution with high solubility and convenient storage and use.

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In the high alumina refractory slurry, it is used as the bonding material and its inherent characteristics. After the slurry is added in the form of binder, the slurry is always uniform and stable without stratification, and has good construction performance. At the same time, it can obviously improve the flexural bonding strength of the slurry, with tight joints, good integrity of masonry, strong resistance to air flow erosion and corrosion resistance.

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There is no doubt that it can enhance the adhesion by polycondensation. However, the amount of it is not the more the better. When the amount of it is 10%, the porosity increases. Due to the formation of active alumina, the high-temperature sintering of high aluminum slurry is promoted. And the flexural bonding strength is greatly improved.

It can improve the flexural bond strength of high alumina slurry. With the increase of the amount of it, the flexural bond strength at room temperature gradually increases, and the trend gradually slows down after reaching a certain amount of it; the flexural bond strength after burning changes from small to large and then to small. That is to say, when the adding amount of mono aluminum phosphate solution is 10%, the comprehensive performance of the slurry is the best.

In a word, in order to improve the performance of high aluminum slurry, the high aluminum slurry with it is called high aluminum phosphate slurry. This can not only improve the bonding strength, but also stabilize the uniformity and stability of slurry.